"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Sunday, September 21, 2014

this mom could be me

Make the mom a brunette, add a few more kids … cue a toddler with a scream barely below dog whistle status, swinging on a kitchen cabinet door hanging by a thread …

Dead. On.

Just the same…

Tonight an oldest teenage girl, lingered at bedtime announcing she could sit on my bed and talk all night. I could have too, if 5:30 a.m weren't such a dark time of day to make them all breakfast and send them out the door with a smile.

Jolting out of dreamworld to reality this morning as I'd over slept, failing to get a teenage boy up and on his way to his youth meeting … only to find him already dressed and headed out the door companionably with a sister willing and ready to drive him.

Being swamped by big and little kids after three hours of church excitedly asking over one another if we were staying for ward choir because it's "always the best".

Listening to a ten year old sing those practiced songs under his breath while making a little sister a pb&j and then bursting into a grin while announcing that he finds Carol of the Bells, "just such a catchy tune!"

Watching a middle teen pick up the phone to ask a grandmother family history questions as she searches for a name to take with her on the youth temple trip this week.

A long distance call from a husband who works hard so this mom can sit in the kitchen enjoying hordes of cinnamon toast and milk on a drizzly night while listening to children wishfully plan a halloween party and other activities for their "favorite upcoming month of the year".

Being wallered on by two little girls who gleefully proclaim it "cuddle time".

A baby's folded arms and haltingly repeated words of nightly prayers.

Sneaking in for one last tuck in and lights out, to find a girl reading her patriarchal blessing intently between the silence of sleeping little sisters.

And that's the stuff that makes it all worthwhile.

Good. Better. And the best.


  1. Amen and Absolutely! One day, the frustrations and craziness that we currently live in will be the times that we long for.

  2. I agree…this newest video nailed it when it comes to motherhood and the daily challenges we all face. It's the hardest job on the earth, but hands down the most rewarding. It's nice to be reminded though sometimes that we are making a difference…even on those days when we feel we are failing on all fronts. :-)