"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

willing hearts

Here at the end of summer, Newel was in charge of delegating the parts and pieces of a monument dedication celebration near us. Everyone did their part and it was pretty heart-thumping inspiring.

Then he was engulfed in that scout training camp and couldn't make it, so we stood in as proxy to help get that thing pulled together.

Not a word of complaint from these kids whose dad asked them to show up in pioneer dress for the occasion.

I'll have to admit, this parade of scouts coming silently down main street made me tear up a bit. The best service is that which is quietly unseen and unheralded.

I'm sure these cute kids had something to do with that emotional overwhelm, too ;)

This young man was the Eagle Scout responsible for the building of this memorial made to honor pioneers who passed through.

These kids took their responsibility to perform the unveiling given by the county commissioners, pretty darn seriously.

There were some pretty colorful characters in attendance.

As well as decorated servicemen willing to answer any and all questions from eager boys.

In the wake of our recently celebrated Labor day, I'm just so grateful for those who are willing to do

In addition to those who serve our country in military capacities, young men and women who want to make it a better place. 

Those who care for it's resources, those who work with many who struggle, those who educate, those who provide, those who plant and grow, those in health care for those who have none, those who assist our elderly, our children, our disabled. Those who carry our communications, clean our roadsides, patch our potholes, tend our parks, manage our waste, clean our water, repair our disasters … and all else that make this incredible life one to love.

To the willing hearts, thank you.