"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

sweetness where we look

I've "unplugged" a little bit more lately. I don't know if it's a busy baby that leaves very little time for stopping or the fear of missing a minute with a gal whose nose is definitely pointed out of our nest.

I love keeping our memories here and I miss every sweet comment and cyber relationship built. But, I've loved the sweet moments right in front of me.

We've just returned from our fall break and there's more about that to come, but mostly, I don't want to forget the sweetness in the midst of it all.

Following a very long Saturday of driving, we woke up early Sunday morning to search out the nearest LDS meeting available. For such a busy vacation town, we were surprised to find our options to be hours away. 

The look on Newel's face said he just could not endure another long distance round trip with a baby girl's intensely scream-filled determination to exit the confines of a car seat for a second day in a row. I had to agree.

Together we decided to hold our own meeting of sorts and he assigned each child a topic to speak on and share with the family.

They took those assignments so seriously.

It was such a peaceful Sunday morning listening to them prepare, ask questions, and gather materials, not only for themselves but also in assistance to each other.

At the designated time, following a prayer and a song, they stood to teach us from youngest to oldest with each gospel doctrine carrying to the next.

After about an hour and a half of their confidence in teaching and the depth of their testimonies, I thought my heart would close up my throat. When they were done, Newel took a turn to bring it all together and then turned the time to me for a conclusion and I could hardly speak.

I'm grateful for these beautiful spirits of mine. Words can't say. They're not perfect but they're mine.

And I'm so grateful for a gospel that offers a knowledge that they get to be mine forever and not just for this little time under my wing. That knowledge daily, is the sweetest of all.


  1. We have had family church like this before too. It is really hard to describe, isn't it? While I love the fellowship, friendship, and music at our church.....these quiet intimate moments of discovery and worship with my family only.....may be more in mind with what God intended. Just the quiet joining together forging the closer relationship with Him......

  2. Every time we have pulled together to do this, I can't help but be so SO grateful for leaders and teachers at church who have filled the gaps I've left unknowingly! There's so much reason for organized gathering but anytime we pull our family together, I just love to hear the depth of understanding these kids of mine have. I sometimes wonder if they are listening! And if they aren't listening to us as parents .. at least they are listening to someone at church :)