"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, November 6, 2014

goodbye october, see you next year

This girl is as busy as they come.

Just five minutes. That's all I needed from Curious George just so's I could load the dishes without a dishwasher door being stood on.

Just five minutes. That's all I got.

My iPhone has one hundred selfies that look like this grainy early morning shot.

No place is high enough for the safety of Lego's in this house.

But despite that busy, busy girl, we had our first rainy/slushy day and when these two curled up drowsily to listen to every book I would read to them  ...

It took sheer will power to remove myself from that soak-it-in-warm spot between them just to get some things done before the afternoon rush.

Grant. He's Christian's sidekick where ever he goes.

I love Bananagram Sundays.

It was the kind of fall that could stay forever as far as I'm concerned. Eliza had a day off from kindergarten so we toured the Denver Zoo on an incredibly beautiful day.

Freddy is a tradition.

Only I didn't expect to open my door one morning at 5:30am and find him staring me down. I pretty much woke up the house.

Kids spent the rest of the month flipping on lights at arms length and making siblings open shower curtains quickly.

I wish I'd gotten a video snippet of Celia karate chopping that thing to death one Friday night when she came in later than her curfew allowed. Couldn't have been better punishment ;)

She's had Tuesday and Thursday mornings off of school this semester. Those mornings, she sits at my kitchen table putting her brain on college applications.

Then she puts on that massive backpack and heads out the door. Those days are sweet and numbered.

We found homes for our mama cat's last litter of kittens. Man, it breaks my heart every time the way she frantically searches all over for them.

My heart was full of tender feelings over that grown-up looking gal heading out my door and I sat down to scratch that mama cat and have a good cry.

It's official … I'm a crazy cat lady.

Oh, we had the prettiest front porch and the kids were so proud of their creations! But I waited a day too long to take a picture and stepped out one morning to find three full sized deer on the porch eating everything down to a nub.

The elementary school hosted a "Muffins with Mom's" morning. You would have thought it was Christmas morning with these two.

And yes .. I midlife crisis-ed my hair to bangs.

We cashed in our free Six Flags tickets from the summer reading program. Less crowds at the end of season.

Just a little excitement about that.

We rode the train downtown to avoid traffic. Who needs amusement park rides? The train ride in and of itself was an adventure!

The big kids love how the park is decked out for Halloween with fog, spider webs and scarefest. Newel and I clung to the kiddie land drinking up all the sisterly excitement from these two.

Celia is the high school technical theater director. She was fully absorbed in the production of their Halloween play, The Crucible.  Her creative design of the staging, lighting, sound, props and such, made the play.

Newel and I took Annie's friend group to a haunted house for our date night. Cute, cute kids.

And I had a good laugh at Newel's strategy of getting us in and out of the haunted house undetected. "Stay quiet and low to the ground" kind of defeats the purpose. Oh how I love him!

Annie has been working to complete her young women's personal progress. One of her projects was to make dinners for us for a week.

You can tell they were a hit.

She's also into super cute hairstyles. Love that creative girl!

This sister needing help with her Halloween costume would agree. So nice to have a hairdresser in the family.

My days of costume suggestion are over and these guys are pretty creative with their own ideas.

Grant sported several different characters at our various activities. Dr. Who for school and church.

Something scary for the neighborhood hay ride and Halloween night. When did Halloween become a week long celebration anyway?

Elphaba sang "Because I Knew You" all week long ...

To her cat ...

Who was just pleased as punch to be included in the kindergarten festivities.

Then there was this bunch from left to right … Randy, Trisha, Kip, Napoleon, Pedro, Deb and Rex down front. That Napoleon is mine and he's legit.

And that .. in a nutshell .. was October.

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