"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, November 13, 2014

sixteen years ago

I fell head over heels for a 7 lb. red head.

I remember looking him over and thinking he was the most perfect little thing I'd ever seen. It nearly made my heart hurt that he would not be as little tomorrow as he was at that moment.

Now it makes my heart nearly burst at all that he is growing into.

Sixteen reasons, he's one of the joys of my life:

1. He includes his little brother like he's his right hand man. The minute those two are home from school, they are off on an adventure. If there are other teenage friends along, Grant is right at Christian's side and those friends take a back seat and Grant is never made to feel like the little brother. Ever.

2. He's got really good tastes in friends. They are a fun bunch to watch learn and grow together.

3. Though he makes me hopping mad sometimes, he knows how to turn my frustrations into laughter.

4. He will carry a conversation with me to the moon and back.

5. He has no fear of adventure nor new things. Oh, how I've loved watching him tackle learning to lead the music at church and his disregard of his own mistakes in the learning. He will try anything with me … rock climbing, mountain biking, crazy new dinners experiments. No fear.

6. He'll own up to a mistake and do everything in his power to make it right.

7. There's just enough adventure in him to push the limits and though that sometimes gets him in trouble, it makes us kindred spirits.

8. His heart is made of gold. He does his best to forget no one.

9. No questions asked … he'll dispose of any dead animal. Even though I know it's not his favorite thing on earth to do.

10. Fun is his middle name. He hasn't stopped moving since the day he was born so there has never been a dull moment. Ever.

11. His testimony runs deep. He often teaches me a thing or two and man, don't I feel humbled.

12. He's not afraid to hug his mother.

13. He is an idea man. And I just love his ideas.

14. He will work for food. Any food. And every meal I make for him is better than the last even when it's not.

15. Some days he's home before the other kids and we enjoy downtime watching Leave It To Beaver together. I think we both feel a little like we were born in the wrong era.

16. I love watching him Become. He learns through each mistake. He tries a little harder always. He reads to learn. Prays to grow. And everyday I see him become just a little bit more, everything he was always meant to be.

Happy 16 years, Christian!


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  1. I have a picture of him at our wedding-he looked like a redheaded cabbage patch doll. What in the world happened??? Happy Birthday, Christian!