"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, January 2, 2015

remember december (part 1)

My internet is running in slow gear. My baby is running in high.

It was a good month to let some things sit on the back burner, even though I don't want to forget a single thing.

The semester finished out and Celia has been sitting on pins and needles awaiting college acceptance letters.

We sat around the kitchen eating a Saturday lunch and Celia entered, nonchalantly announcing she'd been accepted to UVU. We congratulated and then I said I hadn't even known she had applied?!?

"Yeah, I clicked send on my application this morning ... was accepted by this afternoon!!"

We all had a laugh to tears about that acceptance rate.

And so ... she waits for her number one choice to send out decisions. It's painful. Like waiting to exhale after holding your breath through the Eisenhower tunnel.

In the meantime, she had her wisdom teeth removed.

I poised ready to video all that funny stuff one hears about after such an ordeal. But she was just weepy.

I tucked her into the car and asked if she'd like some music. She said yes but then burst into hard tears ... the giant elephant kind. I tried to settle her and asked if she was okay but she just shook her head and around cheeks of gauze, spilled about there being songs on her playlist with inappropriate lyrics that she downloaded unintentionally.

Oh, to have that kind of guilty conscience.

Greeting cards were sent with the help of this excited crew.

We even dropped a letter to Santa at our little local post office. You should have seen that face when she received a return reply in our own mailbox!

Do I let my baby of seven play with scissors?
Why, yes. Yes, I do.
This is how we keep the go-go girl busy.

She calls it "making snowflakes" and man, o man, is she proficient. I know it's just a matter of time before she realizes those scissors will also trim those bangs, so I stay really close and watchful.

Also ... she could. not. keep the ornaments on the tree this year.

These girls fell in love with the push toys at the store and requested them for Christmas so that they could have "pop-pop wars" ... which, for the sake of the sanity of all those that live here .. they did not get.

Eliza waited and waited and WAITED for Polar Express Day at school. There is nothing more exciting than wearing your pajamas to school.

We had a fantastic Saturday taking all of these cute kids skiing.

And plenty more who aren't pictured. It was a highlight for my kids to ski with their friends.

We've had snow and then more snow. 

Once the colorful lights are on the side yard trees and illuminating the sledding hill, watching these kids play together into the darkness is simply my favorite.

Janie's theater class presented an "interactive mystery" as their final project. Similar to the game of clue, the play was performed and then the audience as given the opportunity to interrogate the actors to discover the murderer.

That girl did not break character.

She's amazing.

Hoping to inspire a Christmas more about the things we did together rather than just "things", we got excited about a new tradition.

We gathered up all of our picture books about the season and wrapped them each like a present. Every night I read one to these two little girls (and anyone else present) who couldn't wait to unwrap each night's surprise.

And no holiday season could be complete without a slumber party under the Christmas tree.

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