"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Saturday, January 3, 2015

remember december (part 2)

Between work parties, church parties, school parties, youth activities, final exams ...

Newel and I stole away to soak in the ambience of downtown Denver, which at Christmastime is stunning.

We stayed at the Crawford Hotel over the Union Station which has been remodeled and feels like walking back in the 1920's.

Not to mention, the lighting in the grand hall terminal was magnificent.

Being non-drinkers, we had a good laugh at the "booze milkshakes". A little something for the entire family. If you bring the kids to the ice cream parlor, you should probably designate a driver to get home ... or maybe take the light rail ;)

We spent houuuuurrrrs, in the silence of a bookshop :)

And each bought a cache of books, resolving to read more in the upcoming new year.

Eliza's little country ballet school had a Nutcracker performance of the most home-grown variety. Truly Americana.

It was the perfect amount of fun on the stage.

Her class performed in an assembly for the little country school. Those school kids just ate it up and being a former dancer myself, I loved the idea of a "Nutcracker Outreach" to inspire the arts.

Our plans to attend a gingerbread house making party with friends were thwarted by a really terrible snow storm.

So we held our own with just us.

Though we missed the annual gathering and friendships, our house building was every bit as inspiring and merry.

Because how can so much colorful candy NOT inspire merriment.

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