"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, February 19, 2015

factual friday -- happenings

Fact is ....

We spend every single day waiting for the mail delivery and the college acceptance letters that may come our way.

It makes me hyperventilate. Because every second my kitchen is filled with chaos, is a second closer to a time when it's not.

Eliza came home from school a bit ago, proudly announcing that a boy in the kindergarten class had asked her to marry him. I told her he would need to ask her dad and did she think he was brave enough to do that.

"Well ... he IS brave ... " she said in her little sing song voice, " ... and he does flush the toilet every time he uses our kindie class bathroom .... "

What more could a girl ask for, I say.

Newel says that's better than two thirds of our family.

That girl has a heart of gold. This particular day she came skipping out of the school excitedly. She climbed in the car and proclaimed that she had been saving her "good behavior pennies" to purchase one of the larger items in the classroom "good behavior store" just so she could get Charlotte these stickers .... because she knows how much Charlotte loves stickers more than life itself.

Man O man, I thought my heart would burst with love for that girl who won't let me brush her incredibly curly mass of tangled hair.

So much of a tangled mass, we had to go for big girl haircuts because though, I can cut hair, I'm not proficient with spiral curls.

Charlotte took her bang trim very seriously, too.

Those two are peas in a pod. This is my view most mornings after they emerge all frowzy haired and cuddly to begin their morning by sitting on the heater vent in the living room.

The entire family agreed to try the whole30 plan with me. That's no preservatives, dairy, soy, gluten, sugar, corn, blah, blah, blah and so on and so forth ... just to see if it would cure all ills.

We've since made it a lifestyle. It really works. We've improved winter aches, teenage acne, stomach upset, mood swings.

Yep, it was pretty time consuming at first but now that we are through mid February, we have a routine down and plenty of simple favorite meals that make it easy.

And the kids love the lunches.

This is what happens if I don't pay attention to what is going on behind me while I'm making said lunches.

Newel and I swapped office spaces. I started remodeling my space with this mural of photography.

Now when kids are arguing in the kitchen down below, I can come sit here in the quiet and remember how much they really do love each other ... and how much I do love them.  ;)

Christian is in the full swing of driving. Only ... I had to borrow his car one day and I found love notes from girls at school in the cup holders. Hmmm.....

Grant was pleased as punch to go on a field trip to a place that let's you do a grown-up job for a day. 

They have to do a job interview and resume to get the position they really want. He was trying so hard for the bank president position. That smile says it all.

We celebrated the 100th day of school in style.

Eliza made that cape she's wearing complete with 100 Elsa and Anna stickers from "Frozen". Wish I had a better picture of that thing. She was sure in love with it.

Another high school play is in the works so it was time to take cast member head shots for the playbills. 

It's my favorite.

I love taking those teenage insecurities and turning them around when they see how amazing they look through the lens of my camera.

Having been a theater kid myself ... I just love these kids. Here are just a few: 

The elementary school PTA held a daddy/daughter sweetheart sock hop. This girl brought that flier right home and had Newel put it on his calendar.

Then waited every day for it to happen.

So of course we had to whip up a poodle skirt to wear for the 50's theme.

She nearly bubbled over with excitement for her "date" that night.

I couldn't help myself. I had to sneak over to the school after they left and hide around the corners for some pictures.

They were in the zone for the hula hoop competition.

That dancin' daddy is a heart melter. Oh, how much do I love him!

And then they spotted my hiding place.

We had our Young Women's New Beginnings program at church.

To welcome these beautiful girls who will be joining us this year.

But I tell ya ... when I see all of these incredible ladies in force like this, I feel so lucky to be among them. They are a spectacular strength and oh, how I love every one of them.

Valentine's day approached and I passed the mailbox making assistance to other ample hands.

Let's just say there was some genuine excitement that day.

There were other secret valentine wishes headed out my door that morning, too. Including a brownie making session that began at midnight the night before to celebrate the day with a middle school lunch table of friends.

My Valentine whisked me off for a weekend downtown while Celia held down the fort for our get away.

We sat by the pool soaking in unseasonably warm February weather, ate at favorite restaurants, and explored walking distance sights.

Denver is such a beautiful city.

Renewed my love for art museums which I came away feeling like I should do more often. Just look at the light in this gallery!

My cute date who didn't want to be my photography subject.

We refrained from touching the exhibits made out of ribbon and tape ... which was really, really hard to resist.

I could have pulled up a chair and stared at the Monet's all day. I just love those tiny pastel brush strokes that all add up to a serene picture.

We vowed to get our kids more involved in the art world.

February is almost gone. And though that feels like a random jumble of what we've been up to, we've done our best soak it all in. The good the bad and everything in between. Time just seems to fly.

Those are our facts.


  1. 1. funniest husband qualification ever!
    2. lol about the love note.
    3. I want to touch the exhibit (do you call it a sculpture??) just looking at it!
    4. Monet=total beauty. Once in Raleigh the museum had a Monet exhibit with paintings borrowed from all over the world. It was incredible.