"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, April 17, 2015

factual friday: other march madness

I've had a slow Internet battle.

Coupled with this:  

She's good. Really good. 

She's learned all the tricks to "punish" me. For instance ... she knows that when she's mad, if she takes off her pants and throws them in one direction and takes off running in the opposite direction, everything comes to a forced stand still.

I can ignore it when we are home but, I can't go anywhere because it's any time any where.

And she will do this three or four times before I can successfully strap her in a car seat shouting, "I'm awn take awe my PANTS!!!"

I'm ready to duct tape those suckers on.

Mostly, it's just taken me this long and all these children later to realize that all else has to stand still and nothing is of importance.

So .. we just stop. It takes more time but I'm learning to be okay with it. As long as everyone else around me is okay that our world is on hold.

We enjoyed a week in the mountains skiing for spring break. 

I didn't take many pictures. Some of us suffered a bout of mountain sickness and had to be revived so mostly my camera just sat this trip.

The weather was unseasonably warm and gorgeous.  People watching, drinking lemonade, listening to the band play and soaking in the last of the season's snow. It was a great way to usher in Spring.

Not to mention take a break from school and schedules.

I tried my hand at Cat Skiing for the first time and man alive, was it ever breathtaking.

This guy let me ride in the front of the Cat cab.

While up there, we celebrated Newel's birthday. We sure do love him and getting him all to ourselves is such a gift.

Celia was celebrated in a ceremony for academic lettering. She also received her letter for her contributions in theater.

I was sad to miss the ceremony but so glad Newel was there to see her.

Janie got a main part in the middle school play and had play practice every afternoon after school ... more on that later.

She absolutely loved spending each day with her friends. Most especially this one. And they're a hoot together.

Sometimes if I lay my phone down, I come back to video snippets that look like this and make me a little afraid to watch.

She's also gotten good at texting her dad during his work day. Which I think is both sad and funny at the same time.

The days have finally turned nice .. aside from the occasional spring snow.

Days like this beg for time at the park where I lay on my back and soak in all that blue to the giggles of little girls sliding in the background.

I hired my teenage boy to start prepping my yard for warmer weather i.e., raking the needles, pulling the weeds, clearing gutters, garage wash, blowing off the driveway.

One Saturday following an encouraging conversation about getting the work done, I later walked by our centralized computer to this on the screen ;)

Sometimes the easiest solution is just to get out there and put your shoulder to the rake.

Every afternoon at kindergarten pick up, the kids come pouring out of the school and play for a minute on the supernaturally green school front lawn while parents visit.

Charlotte begs to join them and Eliza pulls her around by the hand to be with all of the big kids.

It just melts my heart.

There's tennis just about every afternoon and some days are simply beautiful, just like this dynamic duo who are getting more and more in sync on the court ...

and the home meets that allow more of that time to stand still.

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  1. Ok those texts are enough to melt your heart!!