"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

wait ... where did march GO?

I'm just totally baffled that a month can slip by just like that when moments before we'd felt time dribble. 

I never did post pictures of Celia's actual birthday celebration. She wanted a quiet 18th so we invited some friends who she loves most over for a Sunday dinner.

We took her on a birthday lunch date the next day and shared a giant helping of sushi of which Charlotte fell in love.

Then we stepped next door to a cute little cupcake bakery and boutique. I think it was right up Charlotte's alley ... and it wasn't even her birthday ;)

This is where Celia can always be found. She's queen of the theater tech booth and there's a cute little herd of techies who flutter around her like she's the bee's knees. Love every one of those kids.

She helped teach a theater workshop for kids on lighting. Thanks to a friend who sent me this shot. 

We patted ourselves on the back for making it through the winter without any major illnesses. Just a little too soon because we were struck with a spring plague that knocked us off our feet.

The time change kicked our rears, too. 

We have summer one day and a blizzard the next. This morning followed one of those beautiful days turned a night of snow and the drive to the bus revealed a sunrise through fog producing a circular rainbow ring. Beautiful and unique.

One end of the rainbow settled right over our house. Guess I should carry my big camera to the bus in the mornings. You never know when the show will be worthy a high definition picture.

Newel can never find a hammer. This pic out my bedroom window shows why. One more night of snow and that'll be gone till spring thaw.

I love Wednesday night activities with the young women. Had a game night and Annie won with her awesomely talented tongue. Yes, she can touch her nose with that tongue .. and beyond but only if it's super late at night and we've gotten her really giddy.

If I'm driving by the high school at dismissal, I'll swing in to see who needs a ride. My van is like a flag ship drawing in the teenagers. They'll flock and hang out and climb in ... and that's how I get to hear all the good stuff.

It's my favorite of the fave's and they don't even treat me like a dumb adult.

Just our quote of the month.

Grant was pleased as punch to be asked to lead the flag ceremony at scouts.

Bunny and Blankie have been dragged everywhere on a leash.

One of my dearest friends is planning her daughter's wedding. They wanted pleated skirts for the bride's maids. I practiced whipping out skirts before cutting the fabric to be used for the wedding. I've got quite a few "pre-test" skirts and a pattern in my head I'm anxious to teach my girls when ever we get a piece of time.

Newel's had a list of required skills for Celia to know before she leaves, one of which is proficiency at changing a tire. She's gotten quite good.

Newel's tire was pierced by a really sharp rock and she couldn't have been more thrilled (though he wasn't ;). She said some days she gets excited about the possibility of having to change her own tire in an emergency and how awesome she'll feel to take care of biz all by herself.

Ain't nothin' gonna keep her down.

Ready or not, tennis season began. It was a cold start but Annie and the JV girl's were ready to go.

Eliza can't get enough of school and friends and all that goes with it. She's also emphatic about dressing herself and insistent that stripes and stripes IS matching. I don't argue because I love kids that can do for themselves.

These guys humor me with online german lessons before school. I'm amazed at how quickly little people can absorb a new language.

Several Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings were spent teaching our young women to sew pioneer clothing for our trek this summer.  So grateful for their enthusiasm. And glad to have this completed early!

The kindergarten "edible" car race was really something.

Eliza's car wasn't super functional but her idea sure was cute.

Some of those cars were sure amazing.

I got a kick out of how serious the parents were taking this.

And tried not to feel badly that we'd actually only given the whole deal a kindergarten effort.

To match the PTO Daddy/ Daughter Dance, the elementary school held a mother and son dodgeball competition.

That Grant has got a mean arm.

But it only looks like he's pummeling a little kid here ;)

I tried not to be afraid.

But more than anything, just loved having a date with my boy. Doesn't happen often enough.

And that's a little piece of the March madness.

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