"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, May 28, 2015

friends of belize

I'm endlessly amazed at the beauty of people. I find I just want to absorb my favorite parts of their culture. When I leave, I feel like I always carry a small part of them with me. 

Weeks later I find myself wishing I knew how their stories have continued from that moment in time where I stood with them.

Such will forever be the case with Ishmael.

And Charlie.

And Big D.

Big D was so exciting to learn about and talk to. He knew everyone in Dangriga and everyone knew him. Most of them were related and I hung on very story. He was super thrilled to take us around his stomping grounds.

First and foremost, his father and brothers served here:

Don't let these faces fool you .. as we approached every single person lit up animatedly to see him. He knew their name and their relation.

I'm not kidding. Here is his friend who nearly fell off that bike waving ;)

I was not even fast enough. These kids went crazy chasing his car after he passed. Then he told us that this road is known for crocodile crossings and boa constrictors and that the kids had to be careful.

See what I mean? A total lack of safety awareness in this country.

But I loved that simplicity of life.

We ran into his children coming back from a corner candy store vendor, along with a whole bunch of other neighborhood children.

His sweet daughter was so thrilled about her purchases.

I love kids just being kids.

It made me laugh a little about that time years ago when a neighbor stormed across the cup-de-sac to inform me that my seven-year-old son was riding his bike without a helmet and shouldn't be outside alone.

Bless her concern.

Not much in the way of media so this is how the time gets spent.

Half have shoes. Half don't. Simple as that but not a deal breaker for play. (And I'm not sure I want to hear my kids ever say they need brand new shoes for sports ever again ;)

This park was being prepped for a mother's day luncheon of mango, papaya and fish for just the local mothers to hear the prime minister speak. Dad's got a day with the kids ;)

I couldn't get over the mangoes growing everywhere.

I mean, look at that!

All of the trees are just amazingly beautiful.

Architecture always speaks to me. Look at that banister and I couldn't get enough of the color on the homes combined with the color of the ever present wash line.

It's just beautiful to me.

Big D took us down his street and past his house waving at his neighbors all the way.

I can see why this cute family has come all the way down to Belize to live a simple life and build right here on the ocean. Me too.

The light across this local cemetery was gorgeous and had their been time, I could have walked around in there for hours.

So neat to share in their lives for just a bit and I'll forever hold a piece close to my heart.


  1. That is one of my favorite parts of traveling too. Getting to know the locals and their stories. Rainman always jokes that it is like traveling with Oprah because I am always asking people questions and for their to share their "stories". He says I am nosy. I say I am just honestly interested. :) So, are the people that live there sick of mangos?