"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

the small stuff

My last baby is out of diapers. Truly and completely.

Feels like I got a pay raise. 

She was so excited to go pick out her own big girl pants at the store. Of course we had to get the mega pack of Frozen undies. Only, as soon as we got home she picked out the Olaf ones and gently put them in her drawers and tossed the Anna and Elsa one's behind the couch. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes to her personality.

Her little body looks longer every day.

This is thrown in here randomly. Way back on April fools, I woke up in the dark of a school morning to find upside down bowls all over my counters. The first one I moved released a flood of suctioned water from inside the bowl.

It was a mess and really slowed down my morning to clean.

Sad to say, I didn't react at my best.

But ... they were awfully thrilled that they succeeded and on reflection, laughter goes far. 

I've tried to slow down just a bit and enjoy the small stuff more, like giving in to a pony ride at the front of the store once in awhile.

This dynamic duo wrapped up their season. It was cold. It was rainy. But they made it and it was super fun to watch them progress and find a rhythm.

It's nice that we can drive up to the edge of the courts and watch from the warmth of our cars. One day I spied the cutest cheering section.

Was actually surprised she could see that ball when we learned she needed these.

This one needed them too. I felt like such a delinquent mother when I learned that little tidbit. She's been walking around wearing glasses frames with no lenses for years because she likes the look.

Makes it hard to be believable when the time actually comes.

Just a day date with these two.

Christian asked a cute girl out to our "Mormon Prom". It was such a flash decision that I didn't get any pictures of his asking her and she lives kind of far from us so I didn't get any pictures of them together either.

BUT, we did help him hang every one of his Douglas County Fair ribbons around his neck to go ask her if she wanted to go to the Prom with a "Prize Winning Guy".

Love his fun fearlessness and he had the very best time.

Spring kittens are our favorite.

They get carried everywhere for six weeks before we find them homes.

I'm pretty sure they ere glad to be anywhere but here.

We learned Charlotte lacks the "gentle gene". By the time we were done with them, those were some calm kittens but Annie says it's because they had a couple of concussions each.

It has rained buckets which is rare. The world is green and I absolutely love it.

Grant and I stopped in at a robotics expo and discovered a whole new world. These kids in the expo had built ex-remote control cars be run by computers programmed with GPS and speed parameters to perform in different competitions.

He's super excited to join a local club that builds robotics.

Our stake had a special conference at which one of our church leaders, Elder Holland, came to speak.

We thought we were arriving early to get a good seat but when we got there, the line just on our side of the building looked like this:

That put us just barely in the overflow area, but man were these kids excited.

They had decided to join the stake choir and attend practices so they could snag their own great seats.

I just loved this view of Christian right over Elder Holland's shoulder through the entire thing. He was glued to every word.

Annie got a hug and a handshake and it may have been the thrill of her young life.

Our entire family had pages and pages of notes. In later discussion, every one of us had loved how he said, "We have to pull our socks up to our elbows and be what God needs us to be."

Such a wonderful man.

The fifth grade musical performance happend and Grant had a speaking part as some musician from the 50's.

It was one of those nights where I was blitzing between three things and I arrived just in time to catch his most important part.

I couldn't have been more grateful for Christian being his cheering section until I could get there.

Celia and I had a date to Ikea for dorm room essentials. We won't talk about that.

Memorial day fun on my iPhone.

Grant won a belly flop contest at the pool. Ouch.

These two played and played tether ball bringing back memories of Celia's obsession in elementary school and dozens of broken glasses that got left on the edge of the playground so she could play.

I could have watched these two engaged in enjoying each other, all day long.

The dentist with the whole gang ties up all the dental chairs. Whew! That is one stressful trip all around.

Flying colors this time and I'll take it.

And just because she said, "Mom, take my picture!" and she's cute.

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  1. I think my favorite little moment from all of these is the one in the play house where the kitty is in the sink and there is one boot and one flip flop...just sitting there....no matches in site....and both girls barefoot!