"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, September 10, 2015

when you want to start, start at the beginning: dubai

Wrapping up school, packing Celia's little corner of our house for college, prepping to leave a family behind for longer than I've ever left them to attend on their own -- EFY, scout camp and other summer activities, -- loading suitcases for Newel to meet me in another state at the end of our travels, and making certain our next adventure into youth trek would run smoothly thereafter .....


Getting to this point:

Was a real feat.

Many would complain that hours in a cramped space on an airplane to the other side of the world is sheer murder.

A seat to myself, no one wallering on my lap, a book to read, meals and snacks I actually tasted and didn't have to make, headphones with uninterrupted music, unlimited movies, sleep ... glorious sleep .... there was nothing but pure joy in the journey.

We had a layover in Dubai for the night which we were pretty excited about and a little loopy over.

That Arabic writing is just so intricate. I wish I could read it, or better yet write it, and admire anyone who can.

The call to prayer on the air throughout the building and city outside, is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.

We checked into our hotel and grabbed a bite to eat.

It was the middle of the night but there was no way we were going to waste time in a hotel in a foreign country. We caught a cab to see what Dubai was all about.

That city is hopping in the middle of the night.

There were little families everywhere. Probably because it feels like the surface of the sun during the day.

Tallest building.

A beautiful moon over a city that never sleeps.

There's a sort of kinship in women everywhere. We are mothers and sisters and wives and friends and regardless of language or religion or political belief, we feel such similar emotions and we shine.

Even though we were thoroughly trashed and felt a little less shiny in the wee hours of the morning, these beautiful women were just as curious about us as we were of them. Engaging in a bit of conversation about children and families and familiar likes, was pretty darn special.

Definitely a different world.

And yet, kind of the same ;)

And after a couple of quick hours of sleep, off and away over endless miles of beautiful sand.

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