"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

grateful for families

During this month of gratitude, I find myself so grateful for families. They are the basic unit of our society and those with strong family cultures potentially create greatness.

We squeezed in a reunion or two at the end of the summer and as we drove away, Newel reached out to grabbed my hand. Being with our families always makes us nostalgic and full of appreciation.

How did two people come from two different families on the opposite side of a country to create one of their own that feels so familiar to those from which they came?

Spending time with his, mine and ours back to back left us amazed to see all of our common goals, hopes and beliefs at work.

First and foremost, we traveled across probably the most beautiful part of the country.

These peeps were troopers to endure the long drive.

Somewhere in there we spent some time together just us.

We met up with Newel's family in Zion's National Park first.

We were exhausted and our time was short. I never pulled out my camera. There was too much visiting to do. Newel and I didn't even make it up into the National Park. I think that is actually a sin.

But we sure had fun together with these people we love and will have to make the trek to see the Park another time.

We left Zion's and made the drive to Bear Lake, Utah to meet up with this crew.

Aaanndddd ....

after we rested up a bit, we were excited to be with cute cousins.

We didn't even have much time to miss Celia because she caught a ride with aunts and uncles to each of these reunions where we heard all about her new college adventures.

There were razor rides.

And a talent show.

And let me tell you, this family has got some sweet talent.

Uncle Newel taught boys how to properly wash a car.

Time on the lake with these boys.

And time on the beach with this girl.

Along with these cute kids.

Christian was the best chauffeur with the younger boys.

I just couldn't be more grateful for both of these families. For what they stand for. For what they have taught. For how they have lived.

The foundations from which a boy and a girl a thousand miles apart could meet and make their own and never feel very far from home.


  1. I saw Mark's boys in the picture and tight how much they look like him... Then I saw him and though how little he looks like the him I knew!

    1. His oldest is an exact replica of him in our teenage years!