"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, April 21, 2016

gathering up

Yesterday, we had another showing on this house.

There's always a flurry of excitement but also a bit of nostalgia as little by little this place we love becomes a thing of memory.

I thought a move by choice would lend to a more organized process.

Still ... we get dressed in the car from laundry baskets in the trunk, the contents of my purse look like everything was scraped off the kitchen counter because it was, and I'm trying unsuccessfully to convince the masses to eat from one cereal bowl.

We couldn't be more grateful to be able to go somewhere we want to go and plan more of what we want to see for the future of our family and our next stage of life.

At the end of summer, we will begin our life HERE.

When we first moved with little people to this place in the woods, twenty minutes on the outskirts of everything, we realized a dream of creating a gathering place. It's filled our lives and hearts to the brim. It has been the making of our family.

Every corner echoes of love and sentiment runs deep... along with some blood, sweat and tears from a remodel that we adore and will miss ;(

There's a front door that's opened & closed uncountable times from nine years of growing free range children.

New babies brought to anxiously-waiting hands, congregated in the front hall.

Carpet spots containing first steps.

Stairs that have been tumbled down, slid down, and crept down on Christmas mornings.

Kitchen drawers emptied and refilled by curious toddlers.

Bathrooms covered in nail polish that have been shared, fought over, locked, and potty trained in.

Bedrooms where stories have been read and the day's tales told.

Side by side work, play all together, good friends, great neighbors, stories upon stories and a measure on our timeline of life for which we will be eternally grateful.

As we find ourselves moving into a new phase, one with teenagers and cars and jobs and interests all growing seemingly far, far away, we feel it's time to consolidate our time so that we can gather up once again.

And so a small country town in the heart of the Colorado Rockies awaits ... a new church ward, new schools, new friends, but most of all a new adventure and many new stories to tell.

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