"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

lion king

Christian used to laugh about a kid he knew who would have tears rolling down his cheeks in every school auditorium performance.

So he had a heyday with my reaction to Janie's middle school Lion King show.

This had to be one of the best school musicals I have ever seen, hands down. The costumes were imaginative, the performing on target, the music engaging and heartfelt, the program a perfect length.

Each kid had worked so very hard. Each volunteer had put heart into their part. When the show opened up with Janie as Rafiki, I just sat overwhelmed.

Every voice lesson I had sat outside of, knowing she was panicked to feel she lacked the perfect voice. Every night I'd lain awake hearing a group sing-a-long in the girl's basement shared bedroom, flooded over.

It's a crazy response to art, I know.

The show opened and as the chorus of animals filled in and made their way from balconies, off stage, and the back recesses of the auditorium, the lump in my throat tightened.

She sang the "He Lives in You" solo and it got me with every performance. There was so much significance to that song.

Here she was, a girl who had found her place and a group of friends who remind her everyday of exactly who she is in every way.

I was pretty glad for the night that Newel was able to come with me. He lightened everything by telling me that if he could choose, he would want antelope for hands.

We were all so proud of her accomplishment. That was hard work.

Here's a shaky little sample as I struggled to capture a bit with a little child on my lap.

And just so you can get the magnitude of those animal costumes.

As we watched that auditorim go from half full on opening night to standing room only by the second weekend running, we were so proud of all those great friends and especially grateful to a wonderful theater teacher who had taken our girl under her wing and given her the courage to believe in herself.


  1. I've been surprised at what an emotional experience the Lion King is when I've seen it. And the best costumes! Great job Janie!

  2. Fantastic job, Janie! Your voice was pure, strong, and you sang from the heart! And, wow....that is a huge cast!