"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

other march madness .. and maybe some april too

We are fluctuating between excitement for new adventures and nostalgia for all we'd love to hold tight to.

At the end of summer we will be moving to Steamboat Springs, a small Colorado mountain town. 

We've had some wet, grey afternoons. When we have one like this, I just know this season is coming to an end. Next year, she'll consider herself to big to curl up, so I've let this dominate our days.

Newel has been traveling much and brought me a box of these from the chocolatier experts of Belgium, simply too pretty not to take a picture of.

There have been some warm days begging us to come outside.

One simply must have a tea party in the sun. Only ... then one must have a tea party every single day thereafter.

Charlotte has gotten good at laying out picnics on our deck using the entire contents of our refrigerator when I'm not looking.

Sometimes, Grant and Pebbles enjoy the spread and read a novel in the sunshine.

General Conference weekend was simply my favorite. Good food and great words.

These kids were so good a taking notes this year. Probably had something to do with our friends inviting us to dinner and to play "Conference Jeopardy" afterward. Such a cute idea that I will have to borrow in the future.

I just loved Eliza's writing as she heard certain thoughts. I think I see "We can Forgive" in there.

Annie had a weekend project to care for a robotic baby for her Family & Consumer Science class.

These helpers were so enthralled, you would have thought that thing was real.

I just loved when Annie came into the kitchen and asked me to babysit her baby while she went to take a shower because it cried every two minutes and she couldn't possible take a shower within a two minute time limit.

I nearly laughed myself to tears.

Then sent her to the shower with her baby and a vision of a future as a mother, learning to use the bathroom with the door open as well. 

Christian and all things skateboard.

I think he blitzed out of class to get home just in time for the arrival of his new deck ... and we think his wrist is broken, again.

Saint Patrick's day needed celebrating with some Green Eggs & Ham.

There was begging for a leprechaun trap to capture one of those tricky creatures. The joke was on them .... that crafty fellow left green freckles on their faces in the night.

We cut off all our hair.

Oh my goodness, did that make our lives easier.

Just a regular night before bedtime ... I don't know why other than it was just a moment that I wanted to squeeze the life out of them in adoration.

That new haircut turned this gal into a sassy pants.

Some days a tiger just has to go to school as a tiger.

And it's awfully fun when your sister is so, so, so glad you are home.

Charlotte went to a super hero/princess birthday party longing to be Batgirl. She hasn't taken that costume off since.

Batgirl is pretty darn awesome at helping put together care packages to send to Celia, like this April Fool's box full of tricks and treats.

Just a dinner with fun companionable conversation at the table.

One morning in carpool line, Eliza's friend in the front of the line saw her getting out of her car at the back. He ran back the length of the sidewalk to walk into the school with her.

I could hear his dad hollering through his open window up there, "Hey ... wait ... where are you going?"

I wish he could have seen what I saw. It melted my heart.

I had a fun trip to the ER for a kidney stone.

I was going to try and fake it through Newel's business dinner but it's probably best that I didn't. It's crazy how a piece of sand can disrupt so much.

I intercepted that piece of sand ... and then while exclaiming "That's IT???", I accidentally knocked it across the bathroom never to be seen again.

I'm trying to do better at drinking more water (which apparently is the cause). 

I showed Newel my water bottle on the kitchen sink full of pretzel backwash from a three-year-old who is awesome at sharing.

He bought me a new water bottle just for me.

We came home from a date night and while tidy up before bed, I found my "new" water bottle behind the guest bathroom toilet in a compromised state.

And that's why things like kidney stones happen to me.

Newel and I had a date downtown to see Newsies with Annie and Janie who were so super excited.

They warmed up just in case an understudy from the audience was needed to fill in.

Janie knows every song by heart. I could feel her practically dancing in her seat beside me.

The girls and I took our traditional dinner out while the boys were at the priesthood session of conference.

We determined we are not very good at selfies .. but still we try.

And that's March.


  1. So, was all the work you did on your house because you knew you were moving? Or did you do it, then find out you had to move? Is the move for Newel's job? Inquiring minds want to know, I guess! LOL

  2. I third the motion. You cannot just say you are moving and leave us hanging!!