"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Sunday, June 19, 2016

bon fête papa (happy father's day)

We've just arrived here in Paris where it's Father's Day and I couldn't be more grateful for all of the amazing fathers in my life. 

Father's are the glue that hold families together. They lead and direct and teach. 

They grow into their roles just as each of us do but the more that they are treated with love and respect and honor, the more they magnify that role. Great fathers build great people and great people build a great world.

Every summer growing up, I looked forward to time I got to spend with these fathers and their children:

Each of them raising their families with strength, I loved to visit with every single one.

Most especially my grandfather in the middle of it all. His influence can still be felt in the rippling rings that span the years.

I'm grateful for this man that came out of that pile of people.

With him everything seemed fun and he left us feeling like we could do anything. He made us who we are.

I miss this father who was father to my mom and the grandfather I didn't get to know for quite long enough.

He loved that little girl more than anything and she in turn, would walk the world over for her children.

There's nothing better than watching each of these boys now as fathers.

These two who I am sandwiched between in this picture:

And these two who I just love watching grow with their own toddlers and new babies:

I feel blessed every day that this great father taught that young man to serve righteously and follow truth.

Because that young man has grown so much in his role as father to my children.

He's the glue that holds our family together.

He fills us with plenty of this:

And my just heart skips a beat when I see the connection he has developed with these kids of ours. From greatness to greatness. He begins where I end and I'm glad he is the father of our home.

Happy Father's Day, to the incredible fathers of my life. I love you. I feel your influence in all that you do every single day and I'm grateful for the men that you are and all that you strive to become.

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