"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, June 20, 2016


Before we left for our trip, we swung into a book store to snag a few books to read along the way.

I love that these bring to life some of the places we are visiting and that they target a young audience.

I had visions of laying on the end of a metal framed bed in a floral wallpapered room, reading to freshly bathed little girls and boys tucked in with the window open to the fresh smell of green garden and fading sunlight.

It was pretty much just like that.

On top of that, those books have encouraged young imaginations to bring alive some of the places we have visited.

Our Cotswold location had us pretty close to the border of Wales so we took a day trip over the bridge into Cardiff and spent the day at Cardiff Castle.

The underground of the bastille wall had been used as a bomb shelter during World War II and that was pretty neat to see.

You could almost here the echo of hushed voices listening for air raids above.

We ascended the castle keep.

And fell in love with tight spiral staircases.

And secret wells.

And doorways for little people.

We relived the time of knights and gentry and pictured ourselves in heavy wool dresses and armor.

Eliza was thrilled with the moat and draw bridge just like the one we had read about ... sans the crocodiles.

We toured the great hall and pictured today's grandeur against the medieval reality of left over bone scraps covering floors topped with rushes and petals to mask the mess of overuse.

And pretended to be a child of royalty being sent off to be raised for an early marriage to a prince never before met.

The naughty ones took a turn in the stockade.

We walked the city of Cardiff. It's a pretty touristy town and a bit congested which is to be expected of a seaside vacation for locals.

So, we headed over to the coastline to get a view across the water.

We weren't disappointed.

And left Wales with literary imaginations widened by the truth of all we'd seen.