"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Saturday, July 9, 2016

annies favorite day ever: paris

Before we left, we let each child choose a country. Their job was to do a little research about where we were going, create a wish list of activities, help plan them out, and learn some basic language skills to get us around.

Annie's top choice was Paris.

And THIS was the day of her heart's desire.

I love that her number one thing to do of all time would be to bike around the city in search of pretty flowers and crepes for lunch.

That girl's love of simplicity has my heart.

We found the city bike system to be pretty easy and, though I had read that riding a bike in Paris traffic was a nutty idea ... it served us quite well.

I never felt in danger. Drivers were courteous and very skilled at watching for cyclists and motorbikes. We kept our GPS handy to avoid major thoroughfares and basically, took our time.

We were enamored with every quaint street.

Just tooling around taking in each grand building was such great fun.

Then we stopped and had those crepes for lunch.

We ogled more of those beautiful buildings right beyond the cafe sidewalk.

And marveled over some ancient books.

Found the world's prettiest floral markets.

There was no better way to see Notre Dame. We didn't really have the stamina for those long lines to see another church but man alive, is that thing beautiful from the outside.

I cannot believe the detail on that exterior.

A little entertainment as we gandered.

Then we took to those beautiful streets again.

Janie had agreed to stay back at the apartment and take little people to the park below so that we could live out Annie's perfect day.

Those city bike people have not figured out how to make bicycles baby seat compliant yet, darn it.

But Janie was the best babysitter on the planet.

To wrap up our day of fun, we stepped down to the corner for an evening carousel ride and a bit of "candy floss".

Finishing off Annie's Paris dream.

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