"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, July 11, 2016

catacombs and city parks: paris

Newel and the big kids got an early start one morning, grabbed some baguettes at the corner bakery and cued up at the catacombs.

Fearful stuff is their jam.

There's an affinity in our house for scary movies and Halloween, so there was some excited buzz about visiting the caverns of bones in the hidden recesses of Paris' underground.

They were not disappointed.

It was definitely a favorite tour. I was a little sad to miss because I sure love when the older kids are ecstatic.

But I heard all about it later and it sounded like it was everything they had hoped.

The history of Paris is even more fascinating in the dark.

In the meantime, the little girls and I moseyed our way to rendezvous at Luxembourg park with them for lunch.

We met up in time to float boats on the fountain.

We could have done that all day.

Grant found himself a twin and then never wanted to leave.

Hunger eventually won and we stopped for a light lunch at the park center cafe. 

Little girls spotted pony rides around the park and it was their number one priority, even with the super cute hairnets.

It's such a beautiful park with something for everyone.

There were people of all ages engaged in various activities.

I marveled that I did not see one cell phone. Families were playing, teenagers were visiting, games of football and tennis engaged groups of children, adults read or conversed.

Maybe we can take more of that home with us.

There was a little puppet theater in the middle of the park.

Nothing says Paris like a french marionette puppet show.

Could not have asked for a better cultural experience.

The show was full of local families perched on wooden benches. The children were ushered to the front row. Our little girls sat with "new best friends". The puppets danced to the story. Children sang along and shouted answers to the puppet narrator ... all in french of course.

Our hearts melted.

And -- forgetting about the English country circus -- this is where Celia decided to run away to do lighting design for french marionette shows ;)

We stepped back out into the bright sunshine for a ride on the most ancient carousel.

Then hit the play area of the park itself.

European parks are so much fun.

Perhaps it's the sense of danger on all of the equipment. Play at your own risk means just that. No coddling here.

Off to the side of the children's park, a group of adults played Boccie ball. I sat and watched their intensity for the game ... not to mention the little rack with hangers for coats.

Civilized and cultured. 

With another day gone, we returned to our apartment home away from home having had our fill of fear and fun ;)

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