"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, July 1, 2016

finding our footing in paris

We landed in Paris and found ourselves smack in the middle of all the world football competition hoopla.

And I mean right in the middle. There's a whole lot going on down there if you look a little closer.

That loyalty to team is the real deal.

And some of those fans go crazy nuts over their team.

Thank goodness we didn't need a chair of our own to throw in a riot ... though we came close a time or two ;)

Our Paris apartment was a few side streets off from all that jazz and I much preferred our neighbors at the Music Conservatory preparing for some big choral performance.

I could have sat on the balcony ... book in hand, traffic muted down below, birds flying in the purple-fading-to deep-blue sky ... and listened to them sing all night long.

Right out of the starting gate, we thought we'd better go see the Eiffel tower.

It did not disappoint.

We took a bunch of cheesy pictures with it.

Then stuck around long enough for the moon to rise and the lighting of the tower.

Which was down right stunning.

Sunday morning we headed out to church. 

But a Paris breakfast deserves a balcony.

We all squeezed into our very tight elevator.

And headed off to the local branch.

We were greeted by the bishop and shown individually to the classrooms. Their block of meetings began with classes first and sacrament meeting last.

So, when he opened up the primary door to introduce our little people, we could hear and audible gasp from the kids and exclaims of excitement in French.

Probably one of my favorite moments of all time.

A little bilingual boy came forward to sit with Eliza and Charlotte and instantly they were all friends.

We were invited to stay for a luncheon afterward where we visited with the other members for most of the afternoon and these teenagers made some new youth friends.

Another favorite part.

I think we were a little tired after our England excursion and our meetings and visiting which took the better part of the day.

We enjoyed the evening with a stroll around the most beautiful cemetery across the street from us.

And settled in to make our plans for the week ahead.

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