"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

rainy day in paris part two -- cooking class

When we were considering all that defines Paris, we thought of what a culinary adventure the city is.

So, I started looking for a cooking school that would be willing to tailor a class for our family of varied ages and abilities to learn to make something uniquely cultural together.

La Cuisine Paris returned my messages eager to teach our family how to make eclairs, coquettes and cream puffs.

We pattered through the rain to their shop located conveniently in the heart of everything.

It turned out to be a perfect afternoon activity and we fell in love with Chef Eric right off the bat.

For two hours, he taught us all of the techniques we need to know to crank out great pastries of our own. As we learned, we pumped him for his life story and became fast friends.

He was pretty inspirational in teaching Christian the way to a girl's heart is to cook for her.

These girls started planning the mounds of homemade Parisian pastries we would make for their weddings ;)

Oh man, did that kitchen fill up with love and smiles at the smells that filled the room as our creations baked.

Eric taught us how to fill all of these with the most amazing rich creme, then we ate some and took the rest home for later.

We were pretty proud of ourselves.

And we had the best time ever. 

Making a new friend. Learning something new. Collecting a few recipes. 

We are excited to go home and try it all again for ourselves. There's no better souvenir than a memory to last a lifetime.

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