"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

into switzerland

We travelled a really long day to get to Grindelwald, Switzerland.

Christian pretty much declared it his new favorite place.

It had been a long day of driving.

And despite the fact that I played all of the music from The Sound of Music soundtrack, the minute we hit these green, flowering hills, I think they were excited to get out of the car.

The exploring begin while Newel got the keys to our Airbnb.

Grant fell in love with all the colorful snails and started a collection ... then held races ... then worked his hardest to convince me they'd make good pets.

Nice try, buddy.

We took a little walk around Grindelwald since our house was right in town. We just drank in the color.

The town center had this great park. Eliza and Charlotte said it was their best day ever even with the driving and we had a good laugh about how those two measure their "best days ever" by the parks we visit.

The park was mostly made of a climbing ropes course for kids and Charlotte took on every challenge.
That girl is part billy goat. This picture doesn't do justice to how high up she had climbed.

We had reservations for a restaurant so we walked on over.

And enjoyed our first fondue experience as a family.

When it Switzerland, fondue is a must.

Sunset walk back to our house and I just can never get enough of Newel bantering with these kids of ours.

The sun washed the Eiger (which is the name of the main mountain) turning it from this:

To this:

The next morning we headed down to the valley village of Interlaken for church.

My kids were really over the moon about meeting some other LDS kids there. We literally had to pull them away. But I think they swapped contact info.

After a restful Sunday afternoon, we hammered out our plans for the week and got ready to enjoy all that Switzerland, Grindlewald and the Eiger mountain had to offer.

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