"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

sailing the italian riviera and pisa

The best way to see the Italian coastline has got to be by boat.

We hired Martin and Claudio to take us out for a day on their catamaran. We loved getting to know them and spending a day in their world.

There was some excited buzz looking forward to this.

We started early in the morning and were thrilled to see the sea was calmer than expected.

We set out of the harbor and up the coast that was dotted with colorful villages.

The boat had a lot of trampoline space and those little faces had grins from ear to ear.

Just a little slice of heaven once the day warmed up. That water was so blue.

Martin anchored to take us on a little swimming adventure.

He led my crew to the cliff side caves for some exploring. I stayed behind with the little folks but I was itching to be there right along with them.

It was a long swim and they were tired by the time they got over there. The sea was rougher than they expected up against the rocks and Christian tangled with a jelly fish.

Still, we left with another story to laugh about.

And I was proud of them for giving it a go.

I was having a mom moment watching these three take all of this in together and love every minute of it.

I was with Celia. I wanted to soak in all that glorious sunshine warmth.

I think for Grant, this was his favorite day ever. He is in love with all things boat.

He even asked Martin and Claudio for a job so he could stay and sail with them forever ;)

We wrapped up in the late afternoon about the time the wind kicked the sea up again. We
grabbed a bite on the docks of the sailing port.

And found a one legged pigeon who we named Unicycle for the duration of our friendship.

After our sailing adventure, we found that we weren't very far from Pisa and we could see the Leaning Tower at sunset so we blitzed on over. 

It did not disappoint.

We really got a kick out of the tourist crowd taking their "pushing the leaning tower back upright" photos.

It's more interesting to view than the tower itself, really ;)

Then these girls had to take their own touristy pic.

The Pisa Duomo right beside the leaning tower seems kind of understated but that sunset gave it some pretty great "wow" factor.

We returned back to our house in the hills of Fizziano with our hearts full of Italy and ready to meet another day as we packed it up and journeyed into Switzerland.

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