"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

these are a few of our favorite things

We received a favorite suggestion from some friends to do the Sound of Music bicycle tour which turned out to literally be one of our favorite things.

See that face? I think a tandem bike falls right behind whiskers on kittens for Eliza.

Salzburg is such a beautiful city and not nearly as touristy as we thought it would be.

Except for us. We are pretty cheezy tourists.

We couldn't go into the theater where the von Trapp family performed in the movie but this is the outside.

Janie and I splashed the stallion for luck.

Just like Maria.

And then made everyone stand in it's massive spray for a picture which we didn't really mind because it was blazing hot.

We toured the abbey cemetery where the von Trapp family hid and heard stories of the real Maria mixed with a bit of movie lore.

Here's the abbey door. The bell pull from the movie was removed because too many tourists rang that bell and the abbey is actually still in use by nuns.

We learned a little about the cinematography though, and it was cool to know that they filmed through those bars. The film makers actually took one of the bars out and you can see where it's been sautered back in.

We had to go right home and find that in the movie and sure enough, there it was!

Our tour was at sunset and the light just began to slant beautifully.

Annie was just a little less than thrilled to be hauling that trailer up and down Salzburg's steep hills and cobble roads but man, was she a champ!

Our tour guide kicked up the movie tunes from speakers in her bike basket and the party pumped up a notch.

We took off singing through the countryside but refrained from hanging from the trees ... though it was tempting.

We had movie scenes and lyrics strapped to our handle bars and sang our lungs out.

The filming of the von Trapp house actually entails two locations. We peddled past the one used for the back. 

Again, that light and those cotton fluffs flying from the trees were just stunning.

There was a threat to throw Charlotte in like all those von Trapp children tumbling off the boat.

A little peek of rainbow seeped out in a perfect moment.

Just thought these were the most interesting flowers I had ever seen.

We peddled over to the famous garden gazebo.

And did our own little dance.

The boys were more interested in the rugby going on nearby.

Secretly, I think they were avoiding having to perform Sixteen Going On Seventeen with me ;)

This is the house used for the front. We stopped to reenact Maria's I Have Confidence dance.

We learned that Janie can. not. do a heel click.

Charlotte said that field across the road was begging her to gallop in it like a horse.

So she did.

As the last rays of light fled the sky, we headed back to our starting place more in love with that movie than when we started. If that is even possible. Because our family has seen it a million times or more.

It's seriously our go to pick.

And that little tour was just one of "a few of our favorite things".

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