"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, November 7, 2016

joy in the journey to slovenia

The best way through the mountains from Austria to Slovenia is by train. The sort that packs a bunch of cars onto flat beds and blitzes through the passes.

We had a bit of a wait for that train to arrive so we hopped out onto the roadside and killed some time making flower crowns.

Then loaded onto our train.

In no time, we were through and on our way again.

We drove for another bit and some of our car passengers began to get restless.

As we crossed the border into Slovenia, we took a pit stop to make some sandwiches out of the trunk of our car and stretch our legs a bit.

Newel announced that we weren't far from our Airbnb and it wouldn't be long now to the relief of our crowd.

Which were famous last words.

Because as we arrived at our turn off, we were stopped by a blockade preventing traffic from proceeding due to a visit by Vladamir Putin to dedicate a local park just meters away.

We spent the next few hours waiting but couldn't have asked for a prettier place to lounge than right beside this "volcanic lake".

The sand could be seen bubbling on the bottom through the crystal water.

I think some of us were just glad to be out of the car.

And taking in all that beauty.

We pulled out one of the books we'd been packing with us and read the entire thing.

And wiped a tear or two at that story.

It wasn't such a bad way to spend an afternoon and enjoy the journey just a bit.

I soaked in a moment or two that all of my people were here with me right now.

We were eventually on our way again and our destination in Lake Bled was stunning.

We were staying right next to the prettiest cemetery ever.

It had a WWII monument.

And a beautiful resting place for those honored. It was so interesting to think on the history of this area and how it had been pretty restricted and depressed just a few short years ago.

Later that night, a lightning storm blew through and lit up the cemetery with all it's candles. Stunning.

We were pretty wiped out from a day of travel.

The next day found us at the cutest little branch. This is how Annie feels about missionaries ... especially when they ask if the seat beside her is available ;)

During one of the meetings in that little branch, the members were talking about their "conversions". Each one had joined our church because a missionary had knocked on their door with an invitation. 

One of my brothers had served in that area years ago and I was filled with a great gratitude for sacrifices and willingness. For those who answer calls .... both to serve and to follow.

We fell in love with the people we met in that little meeting house.

A little bit joyful that our journeying finally reached our destination, we were ready to move into another week.

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