"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

on the lake

In the midst of rainy days, we spent some time exploring the lake. A gorgeous walking trail circled the perimeter. We didn't even mind the rain because it produced some beautiful low hanging clouds and rainbow sunsets.

We decided to grab some lunch then take a couple of boats out to the island monastery.

These two had been striking up a heartwarming connection.

We walked the perimeter of the lake.

Charlotte begged to be carried and Christian didn't mind a bit.

That water was so clear.

We couldn't all fit in one boat so divided into two. Those faces were concerned over Christian's ability to keep the boat upright .... especially with the fish in the clear water. I'm not sure there was much confidence.

But he did a great job.

We docked and walked the monastery island.

Those steps were so old, they were being held together by iron staples.

The church itself was packed and we didn't want to chance another downpour so we unhitched our boats and rowed to the other side of the lake for some famous Slovenian cream cake.

Had to have a little race back to the docks.

We took a rest back at our house during an afternoon downpour but headed back out into the clear evening to walk the lake.

Again, little legs gave out and I loved this boy's patience.

And moments like these two chatting away.

The lake is used for regatta practice producing so many Olympians. We didn't see too many teams practicing as all of them had already headed off to Rio, Brazil for the summer Olympics.

It sure gave us a thrill to root for their team since we felt a connection having been on the lake of blood, sweat and tears to compete at such a high level.

These guys finally got brave enough to jump in that cold water with those fish.

The sun set and a light drizzle began and I wish I could have captured the magic of the evening better.

And then it was time to finally turn our direction toward home.

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