"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

grant turned twelve

Grant turned twelve in August and that's kind of a big deal.

Not just because he got a long awaited for remote control car.

But also because he joined all the men in our family in holding the Priesthood Authority.

We were pretty proud of him and his choices. He's growing into such a great guy and watching him pass the sacrament for the very first time with his big brother nearly brought me to tears.

There are some pretty special reasons why Grant is a child of my heart.

1) He notices beauty. I'm so grateful when he runs in to tell me to step outside and take in a gorgeous sunset with him or stops to marvel at the detail of a magnificent flower.

2) Grant has a huge heart. It doesn't sound manly to say that he's soft and gentle but he sure is able to tap into that compassionate side and feel for those around him.

3) He's the best big brother. He holds hands and plays games and excites his sisters with his creativity

4) He's the best little brother. He and Christian are always two peas in a pod headed off on some adventure.

5) Grant has a thirst for knowledge. Last year when we home schooled, he just soaked everything in and that flame has just kept on burning. Given a choice, he'll watch a documentary or read a science book. Now if I can just keep him from burning down my house with his experaments.

6) I never get a complaint when I give him a task. Never.

7) He is such a talented sportsman and great at encouraging others. He takes criticism. He turns failure into success. I never see him get discouraged.

8) Grant can roll with it. Whatever direction I have to turn in, he just goes. That is rare.

9)  I just love when Grant gets excited. He lights right up and it shows all over his face. And life in general is just exciting to him.

10) He knows right from wrong and it touches him deeply. It is so great to see him be a light and beacon to others. They see it and they want to follow him and do good things too. He just radiates.

11) That boy can wash dishes.

12) He is the glue to our family. I just love the way that he brings in light. When he's gone, we miss it and him.

But ... he's not yet taller than me.

We're grateful for him and all the joy he brings into our lives.

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