"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, February 27, 2017

landing gear

Backing way up ... post European nomad adventure yet pre-surgical hoopla ... I think there was a mixture of anxious excitement about returning to an entirely new home.

The kids had not yet been to our new house and town. 

We may never wear the few clothes that were packed in those suitcases for those months, Ever. Again.

There's been plenty of work to do.

Some of us returned a bit sickish.

The kids have been begging for a dog. There's a concrete one on the front porch and he's the best pet yet. He's always sporting something new ... scout shirt, Halloween costume, swim goggles, ski gear.

And I don't have to feed him.

Right off the bat, we ripped out the yard. It was supremely over grown.

All that green made us pretty mountain happy.

We were hard pressed to get registered for school. Eliza was a bit overwhelmed by the size of the new elementary.

Grant headed back into middle school, rearing to go.

I worried so over Christian's adjustment to tackling Senior year in a whole new environment. I should have known better. He's been totally enveloped as the cool new guy and we haven't seen him since ;)

Janie jumped into a bunch of kids at the freshman orientation.

And Annie was pretty excited too. They've all adjusted really well.

First day scheduling jitters.

I couldn't have been prouder of a bunch of kids willing to do hard things. They have grabbed this school year by the horns and made it theirs.

Since there is only one school bus for all levels, I so appreciated them helping acclimate Eliza and Grant to the new environment in a family style manner.

Now that we all know the ropes, there are more cars coming and going from my driveway on a daily basis than I can count. But that willingness to punch it out together on that first day was pretty heart warming.

Charlotte and I explored our neighborhood.

That girl wanted to hike all the way to the Falls in our back yard.

And she would have too, if I'd let her.

She was pretty glad to have Eliza back at the end of her day.

Big kids and I took a quick trip out to return Celia to school in Utah.

She had secured her own first apartment ... which Christian deemed pretty run down ... but I thought perfect because kids need to do their own "adulting". There's nothing like getting a dose of "you can only go up from here."

I was proud of her.

And she was excited to make her own way.

We tracked down a favorite friend and took her to lunch at my old employment stomping grounds.

Christian had scheduled an appointment to visit with a department professor on campus. No matter where he goes to school, it was an awesome boost in direction to peak his interests.

He's kind of in love with that business world and breathing in the air of college lit the fire he needed heading into a final high school year.

It never hurts to feed him a bit of candy from a university bookstore to seal the deal.

A little "If you work hard and go to college, you can eat all the candy you want." goes a long way ;)

We had a last supper with Celia before hugging her goodbye.

We made a visit to one of the new LDS temples along the way home.

I am forever impressed by these kids ability to roll with new things that come their way. Resilience is an awe-inspiring quality.

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  1. Wow. Love the house and where you live. I'm totally jealous. Brian