"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

christian turned eighteen

Eighteen years of worry, nagging, heart swelling, stress, watchful mothering, teaching, reprimanding, hilarity, tears, laughter, anger, and praying my guts out.

Why in the year before they leave do they become so incredible?

I take every minute I can get to sit and talk with Christian. I just can't get enough.

He turned eighteen, and one of the first little "sit and talk" moments we had after that little fact was about how law enforcement authorities don't care whether or not he even has parents now that he is of a certain age.

Luckily, we've not brushed up much there but not from lack of trying.

Christian loves a good adventure.

Like that time he went sliding down the front side of the ski jumps AstroTurf in a cardboard box that caught on fire. Then again, anything will catch on fire with friction at 50 miles per hour.

Or when he hiked to sled down the front face of our ski mountain resort in the dark and had to hide in the woods all night to avoid night time ski patrol on snow mobiles.

Remember the mud bogging on the edge of a federal game preserve that left the old suburban buried up to it's windshield? Too close for comfort to a chargeable offense and removing that car was a doozie. 

Our old neighbors will never forgive him for popping up in their kitchen window wearing that mask in the night. We're glad he wasn't shot.

How about the lottery ticket whim that won a sum of pocket cash and proved that his mother's teachings of "lottery tickets waste your money" was all spin.

And roof jumping. Dare I ask? "Yeah mom, we just climbed up that scaffolding on the side of Lyon's Drug store and ran across the buildings of main street, jumping from roof to roof."

At least he keeps me in the loop ;)

When this kid goes in the next month or so, our days will be a little less colorful.

Though other's may not approve and as his mother, I've had to stifle a grin now and again, I love the way an adventure overrides some of our modern world's teenage ideas of what is fun.

He is a light in my world. 

This has been a year of filling out college applications, making decisions, working multiple jobs, creating business ideas, and previewing the future.

We've watched him grow in leadership and seen those around him follow. He radiates good. 

He once received a special blessing full of promises of who he could become in this life, during the course of which, I was shown just how short his glimmer was in mine.

I'm brought to tears to think of how grateful I am for his time here with me. From pumpkins smashed in cul-de-sac's to reimbursement for broken neighborhood friend's bikes ... I wouldn't trade one worry for the world. I love him with all my heart.

Happy Birthday, Christian ... yes, a little late. We've enjoyed this journey together and are forever grateful for the adventure of you.

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