"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, March 30, 2017

thanksgiving 2016

I spent all of November being grateful for the simplest of things. It's the simple things for which we should be the most grateful anyway, I think.

Blue sky, the smell of rain, little hands, game nights, hot water ... acknowledging gratefully little daily miracles feeds our souls with peace and reverent connection.

And thought it may seem a little silly here in the month of March to be revisiting such a bygone holiday, maybe today, I just need that reminder of the little bitty amazing things in my life.

November was that kind of month for me.

Every month should be.

We started our month with our "Happiness Project" listing all the little things that lift us and make us beam.  

Each of these babies make our hearts just swell with thankful gratitude and appreciation to be alive.

At the time, I was learning to be grateful to walk, chew and swallow, and use a bathroom privately again ;) So I was eternally grateful for an amateur photographer who snapped pics of those things that have made our family life warm and fuzzy this year.

That fridge eventually filled right up. I hated to take any of them down.

Gratitude for the opportunity to mother little hands who write from the heart and draw families full of smiles, kind of make everything else in the world melt away. 

Our home felt full of that cozy beginning-of-winter-end-of-fall-warmth. 

First snow fell and Charlotte nearly burst with excitement. She sat by the door every day with her ski boots on waiting for there to be enough. 

Thankfully, Christian took her out to sled and it might as well have been the best day of her little life.

I hope I never forget her little voice and his deep one discussing sledding tracks out my bedroom window.

We attended Eliza's Thanksgiving Program.

She was the best pilgrim ever.

Charlotte just loves to be wherever she is and Eliza wraps her up in her world every time.

Thanksgiving morning enthusiastic helpers.

Janie took on this project and her artistry was amazing.

The afternoon filled with willing help and laughter and love I could have cut with a knife.

Eliza directed our evening performance of the first Thanksgiving.

And today, sitting here as spring begins to burst all around me, I'm so grateful for a reminder to look up and let my heart embrace all of those precious moments that give me strength and peace and a thankful heart.

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