"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

easter 2017

Babysitting jobs, birthday parties, work obligations, church activities ... There were so many comings and goings this weekend, I had to grab who I could get to indulge me on Friday night for Easter egg dying. 

Little girls were thrilled to oblige.

Eliza was so excited she said she might just hyperventilate. Love that girl's enthusiasm ;)

It was a far cry from egg dying of past days (HERE).

Saturday morning our community held an Easter event. Parking nearby was impossible so we walked along one of the bike trails to get there.

It was such a nice morning. I watched these two walk before me, knowing just how much that man will miss that tall boy as he prepares to leave us in a few short weeks.

The whole world showed up for the age division egg hunts.

It kind of looked like a crazy nightmare but there was plenty for everyone and once those kids got in together, I watched them help each other out, play, get distracted talking with friends, laughing and having a good time.

Not as cutthroat as one would think ... just a lot of straw to pick out later.

We met the Easter Bunny.

Yes, someone brought a camel on a leash.

Which Charlotte fed and then it wanted more.

Cute petting zoo by the local 4-H.

And of course, a helicopter egg drop-free-for-all which makes those who cringe at pinata safety nearly have a seizure.

Then we made the walk back.

Enjoying a beautiful spring afternoon all the way.

Sunday morning we woke up to a house wide search for Easter Baskets.

And some excitement over the little treats in those things.

Church was fantastic and not just because Christian and Annie were speaking ;) 

Afterward, I made everyone give me a few minutes of their time for pictures. My Easter gift to myself.

These two helped me out with finding a well lit location.

Janie wanted a shot or two as well while we waited for stragglers to gather.

Then Eliza wanted to play.

Then the entire family did their best to take just one good picture ... which was nearly impossible with a man who turns everything to giggles.

And that space by Christian where Celia should go felt just a bit empty and void. We missed that girl but talked to her later in the evening and she was enjoying an Easter of her own with her roommates at school.

This year, since our weekend had been so packed, we decided to have a family gathering with friends after church on Sunday.

Following dinner, the dads headed out back to hide eggs. I'm pretty sure they just sprayed them across the grass in true dad style.

Annie's friend is recovering from knee surgery so these cute girls watched from the deck.


Little people were given a head start.

Then the race was on.

Following our hunt, we gathered to read scriptures we found in some of those eggs and related symbols of Easter to the true meaning with our friends and family.

The best conclusion to a beautiful holiday to celebrate all that gives us HOPE.

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