"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


This happened.

And then a day later, this happened.

The Tooth Fairy hasn't gotten the message that we moved. Thank heavens for a girl who patiently waited for our address to change in "tooth fairy land" ;)

Charlotte was extremely excited for her ski classes to end. Most especially for the party at the end where she could wear one of her treasured super hero costumes.

That girl loves to ski, but only on her own terms.

Magic happens under the slope lights as the sun goes down.

Winter Carnival is a pretty big deal here.

There were the usual competitions and festivals around town. For the closing ceremonies, the differing ski teams flew down the mountain in the dark with fireworks, flares and a full concert.

Sometimes those fireworks actually burst off of the skiers themselves.

Grant's group:

He said it was harder than it looked to control speed, watch that the flares didn't burn him and stay upright all at the same time. And he's pretty expert.

Eliza's group were a little more sensitive to the fire thing so they were given blinking headdresses. Still, she said it was pretty hard to jump and land solidly in the dark.

She's in there somewhere:

It's a local joke that this is the weekend that child protective services leaves town so we can light our children on fire and send them down the ski hill in the dark.

There were some other fire hoop jumping things with the older teams and if felt like the whole world showed up to watch.

I think Eliza was relieved when it was all over and she could rejoin us for the fireworks show.

Fireworks have never been her favorite and she prefers the comfort of us.

But they were spectacular.

And grew even more so to Charlotte's delight.

Other February things: 

Grant's scout troop did a camp out, skinning up the mountain (that's when you ski UP with coverings on skis to keep from sliding backward) to a yurt lodge, then stayed a couple nights in freezing temperatures and enjoyed the fresh powder around them before skiing down and out.

That's a lot of effort with gear on your back.

He was pretty much in heaven.

We live in such a small area with a really small church group so some of the usual church activities are left up to us.

Seminary ... the bible study class most LDS kids take before school ... has become more of an independent study with a teacher who checks homework assignments once a week.

As a family, I have loved this opportunity to get everyone up early and have our own family seminary class every morning to discuss personal applications from scriptures. Children wrapped in blankets by our fire with books open taking turns to read and discuss; it's a cozy, velvety start to my day.

But some mornings it looks like this:

Valentine's day happened and it didn't go exactly as any of us would have wished it.

I received a text half way through the day that a dear friend from church had been involved in an avalanche accident with another friend of ours from where we had moved.

The outcome was not a good one. 

The day ... and days to follow ... kind of changed really quickly and that's a whole other blog post.

However, in the lead up to Valentine's day, I sure couldn't get enough of little hands painstakingly writing their names on Valentines.

Our planned fondue dinner occurred a day late, but better late than never. We were kind of needing some family togetherness.

It was a welcome relief from all the stunned sadness we were kind of steeped in.

The Valentine Fairy also found our house a day late. She must have been on vacation with the Tooth Fairy ;)

One of the kids was so excited to see that the "Valentine Fairy" brought a much desired bedside bamboo plant.

Eliza came right in, saw it open on the counter, and started jumping up and down. "This means we must be .. getting ... A PANDA!!!!"

I sure hated to squash that dream.

Our town hosts a minor league hockey team and it's kind of the thing to do on a Friday night.

We got hooked right along with everybody else.

I really can't explain it. 

It's kind of overwhelming to watch all those guys skate expertly, avoid collision, and maneuver a puck around with precision.

Every once in awhile, tempers flare, there's a pretty great row and the crowd goes wild but it's an exciting time in a more tame and family friendly atmosphere than a professional game. 

Grant begged and begged to join a league but we assured him he was better at skiing and besides ... we like his teeth.

And that was February.

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