"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

january with friends

New Year's Eve, we watched fireworks fly from the top of our ski mountain.

With the fantastic family of this sweet girl ... who is the only one I got a picture of because we were so darn wrapped up in all kinds of fun with them that I did not pick up a camera but that one time.

We did try our hand at cross country skiing with them, which was so much fun ...

For awhile.

Eliza picked it up pretty quickly.

The rest of the "team" was in that background struggling to keep their feet under them.

I just walked along and picked up that "yard-sale-rage-quit-on-life" you see above over and over again.

We sent Celia back to school and on the way out she stopped into Annie's work at our local home consignment store to say goodbye.

The kids were enrolled with various ski teams. Charlotte's group did back to back cross country and down hill classes.

She hated the speed of the cross country.

She adored the speed of the downhill.

My job was to maintain a fun atmosphere between the two with a picnic lunch and a coloring session. Our days looked kind of like this.

Rumor had it that once it started to snow good it would just kind of keep on falling for months on end and then one day ... just stop.

I didn't believe it but it was true.

It's also pretty magical compared to harsh and heavy snows. It is sort of what makes this town feel quaint in the winter; a constant champagne powder.

We also decided we could start an icicle farm.

Christian made a really great decision to go out and punch those with his bare fist one day.  He survived but won't do that again.

Yep. Just like that.

Charlotte and I camped out at our library quite a bit. We love that place. It has a bakery and hot chocolate bar inside with big comfy chairs and play area and books ... loads and loads of books.

We wrapped up and became residents right there.

"Unicorn hot chocolates" became a thing at our house.

Sledding party with a crew of local friends we adore on the longest hill ever.

Long hike back but we ran until we ran ourselves out.

We enjoyed soups inside that little cabin down there and I loved hearing chatter in the loft above. A peek upstairs showed me Christian surrounded by a team of kids holding votes over certain debates.

I love that boy.

Eliza's ski team called themselves the "Gummy Bear Powder Hounds"

Christian said he was on the slope one day when this group of kids whizzed past him and one looked up and said hi. It took him a second to realize that Eliza had just buzzed by and he was amazed at her skill increase in one season. 

Wish I could have seen it but I'll take his word.

Her team met three days a week trying three different disciplines. Cross country, Ski jumping, and Downhill.

There were several downhill evening competitions for fun. We lucked out that the weather was warmer than usual and visiting around fire pits with flowing hot chocolate watching kids ski jump was a pretty great way to enjoy a sunset.

We only forgot certain pieces of gear a couple of times before we perfected some systems.

The Steamboat Winter Sports Club runs a tightly organized ship. We loved the skills our kids learned during the season.

Grant's team skied one night a week to perfect icier conditions and once that hill lit up, everything felt pretty magical.

I came home one day to find this guy meandering around the exterior of our house.

I think he thought he lived with us because once I got inside, he walked around and looked in every door and lower window.

Charlotte begged and begged to go out and pet him because he was so cute.

We had to have a very strict talk.

We have an adorable small town newspaper and the Police Beat makes us laugh every day.

3:57pm .... those darn Mormon's are making the headlines with their disturbing service efforts, again.

I made the kids move around furniture a hundred times once I found the right rug for our living room.

I love when Grant comes running it at dinner time to call my attention to one of our "sherbet sorbet" sunsets.

I had to literally pull off the road for this one. True Alpenglow.

I spent a lot of time on the sidelines waiting for skiers to be finished skiing.

One thing I love, love, love about our new location is the gathering of friends who come stay and play.

Since I was out for the season, Charlotte and I took friends less keen on skiing on snowmobiling adventures.

It was all going so well until Charlotte discovered the power of a full throttle and then she wanted all control.

Plenty of power struggle. We don't call her "Hot Sauce" for nothing.

More friends showed up for more fun weekend adventures. We became acquainted with the snowshoeing trails of our backyard.

Charlotte however, is sometimes a quitter.

And this is how things look for the Sherpa when the four year old starts shedding all her gear along the way.

Cowboy classic with friends.

Pretty much a rodeo on snow.

January came and went much quicker than usual with the fun and memories of great friends.

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