"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, April 20, 2017


We've had more and more friends stop in for a visit.

And I'm always so wrapped up in enjoying them, I forget to grab a camera to catch treasured moments with them.

My sister came with her brood and we soaked them all in. Teenage friends have come up from Denver. College friends have stopped in to vacation. Families we adore have shared their weekends with us.

We have loved that this new home of ours is a gathering place.

In other March news:

Ski season wrapped up due to unseasonably warm weather. One day we were skiing, the next day everything was brown.

We are excited to take all the green that is popping up everywhere but sad to see the snow go.

Charlotte fell in love with the "bump jump" on the hill.

She started sailing over that thing. Maybe she'll be one of these world class ski jumpers ;)

Eliza excelled this season, too. That girl loved to sail down the hill at high speeds with the wind in her hair.

Team "Gummy Bear Powder Hounds".

Her end of the season award. I'm told that "Tom Boy Skier" is because she likes to race with the big boys and can best them all.

Best coach ever.

Newel had a birthday. It fell on a Sunday which made for a  pretty relaxing day. These girls know how to give him exactly what he wants for his birthday.

We clean the church almost every Saturday morning because we are lucky enough to live right beside our building.

There is an ongoing fight at Saturday breakfast over who will get to carry the key to the toilet paper rolls. If only everyone were as excited to clean our house.

Eliza's second grade class had a musical performance one early morning at the elementary school. The songs were right out of the 70's and so darling.

I got a kick out of the flags hung around the gym. Biggest and boldest being the Olympic flag ... because this town holds the title of most Olympic hopefuls.

Seriously ... every one of Christian and Annie's friends are gunning for that event. The kids here eat, sleep and breathe Olympic dreams.

Eliza was pretty thrilled we were there to watch her sing.

That was a great moment, because a few hours later when school got out, a not so fun stomach flu took us all down and out for about a week.

Winter love.

Parent teacher conferences happened and Grant snuck me into his happy place.

And proudly showed me that he CAN DO THIS!!!

Janie has had a struggle to beak into the theater scene here. It's never easy to go from being top talent in a school to a new one with different procedures.

She worked so very hard on an audition for a high school version of Grease and got a part in the ensemble.

It's a start up the ladder and she'll take it.

With one foot in the door, she showed them that she's serious about acting on the stage and we will see if the that determination helps her climb.

The play was spectacular and she was spectacular in it.

Charlotte and I took an overnight trip down to Denver to a followup appointment with my spine doctor. Everything is healing so well.

Afterward, we just had to walk around the zoo. It's probably the one thing we miss most about the city.

Lions were out and up close which made it "the best day ever", or so I was told by that sweet girl ;)

Sidelined for the season, one of Charlotte's coaches offered to ski with my girls and man alive, have they eaten her up.

I've been so grateful for this amazing college gal who wrapped Charlotte up and whisked her down the hill several days a week.

At first they started with pockets full of candy then expanded to stuffed animals in their pockets. By the end of the season they were tackling black diamond runs in full costume.

When life's not exciting enough ...

Live as your alter ego, I guess.

She sure trained my girls to carry their own gear, though, and for that she was worth her weight in gold, I tell you.

Charlotte swims around the hot springs pool while I take a water aerobics class twice a week.

I'm kind of out of my league in the group but I sure love those senior ladies and the opportunity I get to talk Medicare and Surgeries and Gutter Repairs on Tuesday and Thursdays ;)

We've loved the time change and now that I've eased in just a bit better, we've worked to get on a more scheduled routine.

Some nights, I just loved the magic of March.