"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

april 2017

In reverse form, March came in like a lion but left like a lamb.

We lucked out with some very pretty days pushing everything to green just a little earlier than usual, or so I'm told. I'll take it. 

I spent about a thousand hours in a physical therapy office and it was a real blessing to have nice days to be outside and moving.

I got hooked on boosting our eating habits around here after listening to a really good podcast about creating a dietary lifestyle change within a family to eat good and feel good.

We agreed to filter in more meatless meals, involve kids in the prep and cooking, focus on portion control and eat less processed ingredients.

And I've changed some impulse buying habits by having a grocery delivery. 

Delivery can be more expensive but I'm actually finding I save. Even with a carefully orchestrated list in my hand at the store, I grab good, healthy-but-not-always-necessary, items in the moment. Delivery is saving time and money.

Organization is key so I mapped it all out. No cutting carbs entirely. Just using whole grains instead of white, minimally processed, homemade, sugar free, and outweighed by tons of fruit and veg.

Such a better ... less deprived ... plan is so much easier to stick with and healthy up an entire family.

We also needed an attitude revamp.

I sat with the kids and asked them what would be worth working for. It both warmed and hurt my heart that the greatest reward would be more of my time.

These guys are plugging away at earning those things.

Charlotte wrapped up the best year in preschool with the best teacher ever. We see her all over town when we aren't in school and these two are just thick as thieves.

The last day of school was a field trip to participate in an Early Childhood Development Parade in the center of our town.

I think the highlight was the police car.

And getting to cram into the back seat with friends.

Oh boy, have we ever loved that teacher.

With Charlotte no longer in preschool twice a week, every day has been the two of us.

I had a stark realization that my time with just my baby is coming to a close.

With summer inching closer, everyone will be home (which I do long for). But before we know it, we'll be into August and she'll be off to kindergarten. All those daily one on one library story times and lunch hikes and play dates to the pool or the river will come to an end.

Trying not to think about that either.

Or maybe I'm thinking about it a lot so that every moment of these last weeks of school count with me and her alone.

Time needs to slow a little.

Newel has taken on a tradition of making Saturday morning breakfast for us. 

It's my favorite morning of the week.

Celia came down for General Conference and some friends came up from Denver.

I just breathed in having all those kids on the floor listening to those most important words.

I tried not to think about the one who would be missing in the next couple of years out there serving a mission. That conference just puts wind in my sails.

We said goodbye to our friends later that afternoon as they headed back down to Denver.

I lost the pictures I had of them in a computer glitch, darn it, but we sure love and loved having them.

A few minutes later, we bid the same goodbye to Celia as she left to drive pack to Provo. This time, I had Eliza clinging to my leg in tears. I teared up a bit myself as she drove out of sight with all those voices shouting "Goodbye" to her tail lights.

Annie had a birthday. Seventeen. There will be more on that later.

Our SPRING BREAK road trip was in there somewhere, too.

Janie, too. Fifteen. More later there, as well.

I had a birthday.

Newel had a client engagement in Turkey and I pushed and pushed until he gave in and let me come along.

I enjoyed my birthday there and there's a whole lot to say about that coming soon. 

I felt pretty lucky to have kids who could hold down the fort for me to soak in a foreign culture and it's people. My favorite thing and a pretty great gift.

Before we knew it, April was gone.

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