"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, May 19, 2017

spring break road trip

Oh man, are we in the midst of all kinds of big decisions around here.

With two high school kids just fourteen months apart, we have college decisions on top of college decisions and I mean literally.

Christian has a couple of university acceptances to choose from and Annie will be spending next year neck deep in the stress of choosing her path. We decided to take a small part of our Spring break to road trip and explore some of our college options.

Those who would rather not be cooped up in a car for any length of time, enjoyed downtime at home with Newel while others piled in to trek along with me.

My group were happy travelers excited to kill the miles listening to some pretty fun podcasts. 

We headed toward Utah on a stunning day. We've been here a million times but after having spent the summer in Europe, we couldn't get over how similar these mountain landscapes were to the ones we'd seen over there.

Just beautiful.

We arrived in Provo in the afternoon and met up with Celia at her apartment.

She moved here after Christmas following some struggles in her previous location. She's been really happy here and made some awesome friends.

We went up to walk around the Brigham Young University campus. Christian will be attending the summer semester here before leaving on a mission (still working on those papers).

I've always loved the student art works. As a student here myself, I used to sit in quiet corners of the buildings where art was displayed and marvel at the creative ideas of others.

We headed to the art museum first.

We stepped inside and this beautiful "yarn" creation was cascading from the ceiling. Wow, was it ever amazing. No camera can do it justice. We just kind of spun around underneath wishing we could go up there and touch it.

You can't see it very well, but I love what it says on the wall there at the bottom 

"Silence in the museum will nurture a more reflective mind, a capacity for deeper inquiry, a stronger commitment to excellence and intelligence."

I wish I could implement that in our home ;)

Charlotte was mesmerized by this blanket stack. She laughed about putting her blanket that she sleeps with every night, right on top.

The little girls enjoyed the interactive displays for African American art.

Christian found his favorite artwork.

There was an entire gallery dedicated to Christian art. This carved "Last Supper" was so detailed and neat. I wish I had one of those.

I think this was my favorite for it's texture.

There was a photo gallery celebrating "School Playgrounds". We loved looking at all of the playground settings around the world in so many different cultures.

Varying cultural experiences are kind of my favorite.

Then, Annie and Celia pointed out that you could see a playground bully in each and every photo.

We had to go around and play "where's waldo the playgorund bully". It was a pretty funny coincidence that "playground bully" would be culturally universal to all playgrounds. ;)


Here against the door:

And here:

And here:

And here:

And an escalating screaming match here:

And here:

And here:

Pretty funny.

Little girls loved this one too. Just because it featured candy.

We cruised on over to the library which has also grown and changed since my days there.

Except for those steps which I'm pretty sure my own feet influenced the creation of those intentions as I dragged up and down them to study.

When I was a homesick freshman, one day I discovered that that giant library held a pretty extensive children's literature section.

That homesick girl all those years ago, two thousand miles away from all that she had known, plopped right down here. I remember pulling a stack of familiar bedtime stories read by parents I loved.

Instantly, I was home and feeling comforted.

I told Celia when she left our home, that if she ever felt lonely, she'd be okay right here.

I don't know if she every felt the same ... it's pretty easy to talk anytime we want now ... but she did say it is a place she has come to love to sit and study herself.

And how could she not when the new changes made to that library, include an entry with this view?

We walked across campus at the end of the day with the bell tower chimes ringing. Christian is pretty excited to be here in the next few weeks.

This picture is just some kind of war with all of those burs laying on the ground from the trees. Maybe a favorite moment of mine with all that crying and laughing at the same time.

Christian avoids my pictures these days but these girls don't mind being cheesy for me.

Just one more look at that gorgeous mountain against that blue, blue sky.

My time here was some of the happiest and challenging of my life.

We put our name on the list at a restaurant where I used to work as a student and the wait was kind of long so we had some time to wander across the street to the grounds of this gorgeous new temple.

"As we touch the temple, the temple will touch us" is one of my favorite quotes so these little girls ran up to actually touch those special doors.

Then that fading light turned to gold and so did my heart just soaking in these kids in such a sacred place.

After a good night's sleep (and it's funny how a hotel with a pool and a breakfast at Denny's can be the highlight of some people's trip ;) we said goodbye to Celia.

We took a swing around UVU (of which I have no pictures, darn it) to look at that campus.

Newel spent a year there and he's pretty much filled us in so we just wanted to have quick look in the event one of us would like to make that our university of choice.

Then we continued our drive north to Rexburg, Idaho to see the BYU-I campus.

I just love that there are schools to benefit so many different personalities and learning styles and choices. As a mom, this has been a pretty challenging time, guiding my people in the directions they want to go and pulling back to let them make choices that they are happy with.

We had never seen this school so we spent the day walking around and taking it all in.

Annie and Christian got wind of a school dance that would be taking place in this gymnasium later on that night. 

They packed off from our hotel room and found this space jammed with kids who just wrapped them up and showed them a good time. They were glowing with stories the next morning.

Another art gallery to wander through.

We picked our favorite sculpture, again for it's beautiful delicacy and texture.

Annie wanted to check out the nursing department since that is where her interests lie.

They have some really neat amenities in that department and she was getting pretty excited about the future and all it's possibilities.

I found where I would spend my days if I were going back to school ;)

We also stumbled upon a recital in the concert hall of the arts building being held by elementary and middle school kids who take music classes at the university. Those kids were amazing. Serious concert musicians, I tell you.

We slipped into the back unnoticed. 

I teared up just listening to them, which kind of makes my kids laugh but I can't help it when I see total dedication. Gets me every time.

Really, really fun to see kids we know on bulletin boards in the business building as well.

We met up with an old friend for dinner and grilled him about his time at this university since we know so little.

He was so informative and helpful and it was great to see him love everything that he is doing. I sent a text to his mom right away that she should be really proud because he's one fine guy.

I tried really hard not to dwell on the fact that this time next year, our home will be such a quiet place with three children out in the world by focusing more on what a lucky world to have them.

And then we turned our noses toward home full of excitement and decision for the future.

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  1. It is hard for you and I to imagine quieter houses, isn't it? It is hard not to dwell on what was and to just look forward to them forging their new lives. I am excited for them. I really am. I will just miss them.