"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

a day on the aegean - kusadasi

We took a day to recover from all of our bouncing around. No better place than a Turkish beach. We caught our second wind in Kusadasi.

I feel alive near an ocean and this just put the wind in my sails.

We explored the nearby towns just a bit.

Learned about the tradition of the "evil eye" which wards off evil in every corner.

Or street.

Filled up on more of that fresh Turkish Delight.

Soaked in the color of that amazing sea.

Took in some sunshine as well.

To the sound of the waves crashing against the sea wall.

We took a swim in the Aegean Sea so that we could say we had. The waters were rough but warm. Most of the Turks don't really swim so we were kind of a novelty out there paddling away.

One brave couple joined us in the water and the excitement on their face was unforgettable. I gathered they hadn't done much swimming in their lifetime.

We enjoyed a seaside dinner so fresh, we picked out our own fish.

And after a lazy day, we headed back to the road to see more of the beauty Turkey has to offer.

Car wash anyone?

This is how we spent much of our time transversing our way through the countryside.

I love how every residence has their tractor parked out front. It is seriously slow moving on public thoroughfares with tractors as the vehicle of choice.

And then we arrived in the country to explore beautiful Pamukkale. 

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